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Summer School
Josh Allen

Your guide to summer courses at LCHS.

LCHS June Summer School 2022

June 8th - 30th


Students Attend In Person at LCHS

 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


Arrival of students and breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m.


At this time, our program will focus on credit recovery for students.  

Participation is by invitation only.  

Parents and students will be invited through email and mail by the school.




Additional Information:

Lewis Central will once again offer our traditional summer school.  Instruction will be delivered in person at Lewis Central High School.


Learning will be delivered with the use of the Edgenuity Online Learning platform and assistance from Lewis Central teachers.  Courses will be customized to the needs of each student to eliminate previously completed and mastered content and skills and to focus on what your child needs to satisfy course requirements.  Course learning includes both instruction and activities, quizzes and tests.  


General Information

  • The Lewis Central High School summer school program has three objectives:

    • Credit Recovery to assure graduating on time.

    • Credit Recovery so that students can redo a failed trimester instead of waiting a year to make up the credit, potentially putting students behind a year in certain subjects.

    • Daily Attendance to ensure that students are successful in learning. 

  • Students are expected to demonstrate respect, responsibility, and initiative during their summer work in the building and in communications with their teachers. 

    • Examples:

      • Respect: showing up on time for summer school, following teacher directions and classroom rules, respecting self and others, making sure not to disrupt others while they are learning, respecting school property, using polite and school appropriate language.   

      • Responsibility: completing coursework on time or ahead of schedule, staying organized with due dates on the student course report, seeking out help from the teacher when needed with learning or technology, bringing necessary materials to class each day (Chromebook, charger, headphones, notebook, pen/pencil, earbuds).

      • Initiative: following through on the commitment to summer school by working at school and at home to complete activities, getting right to work at 8:30 a.m. and staying on task until 11:30 a.m., avoiding distractions (such as being on your phone), taking notes during learning to be successful on quizzes and tests.    


Attendance Policy

  • Students are expected to attend in person each scheduled day of summer school when they are enrolled in a course and until it is completed.  

  • Students with more than one unexcused absence or more than two excused absences of summer school attendance may be dismissed from the program. 

  • Parents and guardians must communicate and approve all absences with the Summer School Supervisor, Mrs. Duitsman, prior to the absence.

  • While in attendance, students are expected to make 3 hours of forward progress each day on their course hours and complete assignments/activities each day. 

  • Students are to actively engage in their learning and avoid distractions that interfere with their progress.  While students are encouraged to bring their cell phones to contact their ride, cell phones should be put away during class time. 

  • Students may finish their course early, in which case their attendance during the remaining summer school dates will not be required unless they are planning to enroll in another course.

  • Students who fail to follow attendance requirements or to demonstrate respect, responsibility or initiative will be referred to the Summer School Supervisor.


Overview of the Program

  • This Credit Recovery session will focus on core courses: Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. 

  • The summer school session will run from June 8th to June 30th.

  • Students are required to attend in person at LCHS 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and work with their teachers. 

  • Students who register for classes will be contacted prior to the start of summer school to let them know which class they will be taking and which classroom they will report to for in-person learning. 

  • Students will use the online platform, Edgenuity, to complete their coursework.  This is accessible on their Chromebook with a login provided by Lewis Central.

  • Each day, students are to bring their Chromebooks and chargers (or charged Chromebook) to school with them, and a notebook, pencil/pen, and earbuds or headphones.

  • Students are also strongly encouraged to continue their work at home to ensure successful completion of coursework.

  • Course predicted time of completion is set around 35 hours, so students should be able to complete a course during the school day.  However, depending on the student’s rate of success through activities, if they wish to finish early, or take more than one course for credit recovery, time out of class could be up to 20 hours.  

  • Students can continue working at home in their class in the afternoons and on weekends.

  • Staff are available in person for students during class at LCHS from 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday each week for assistance and by email.

  • Finals will also be taken at the high school no later than June 29th and 30th, but might also occur early for students finishing courses early.

  • Summer school courses will conclude on June 30th.  Any course not completed will be available for students to continue through credit recovery during the academic year in the fall. 

  • Students are allowed to take ONE course at a time.  

  • If a student successfully finishes their first course and final exam early (preferably before June 17th), they may be approved to take another course for credit recovery.  Summer School Supervisor approval will be required.  

  • Summer School Supervisor approval will also be required for unique student situations to meet student needs. 

  • If you have specific questions about summer school, please contact Lorraine Duitsman, Summer School Supervisor at



English: Mrs. Erin Marshall

Math: Mr. Ryan Nightser

Science: Mrs. Jessi Pagett

Social Studies: Ms. Sharon Crawley

SpEd: Mrs. Christina Woodward



  • Cost = $50 

    • Student receiving reduced lunch = $20

    • Students receiving free lunch = no cost.

    • Payment can be made through PowerSchool Efunds or by money brought to the school.  Once a student / parent has officially registered for summer school, the fee will be added to their school account. 

    • Parents/guardians can pay electronically before school starts or send money on the first day with their student to turn into the office. 

    • Payment is due no later than June 30th at the conclusion of summer school. 



  • Free to those students needing transportation.

  • Students will be offered nearby pickup locations in the LC district.

  • Pickup times and locations will be determined and communicated to students and families before the start of summer school.

  • Coordination of transportation needs will begin with the registration survey for summer school and followed by additional communication.  If you will be needing transportation, please indicate this on the registration form.

  • For transportation questions, you may contact Mr. Sam Schroeder, at 



  • Free to students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch status.

  • Free to all students if our enrollment numbers include 50% or more FRL students.

  • Note: If your student does not qualify for FRL, breakfast may involve a small fee charged to the student’s account.

  • Breakfast will be served from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

  • More information about breakfast will be shared with summer school students and families closer to the start of summer school. 

  • For our breakfast program questions, you may contact Mr. Sam Schroeder, at



The Edgenuity Online Learning courses are aligned with Lewis Central graduation requirements.  The platform provides students with videos and activities that will engage them in the concepts being taught and review areas of deficiencies to gain mastery.


We will be using pretesting features to determine the student’s already-acquired knowledge and skills. Courses are customized, so that lessons match student learning needs.  Duration in a course will depend upon the student’s initial testing and performance throughout summer school. The student has approx. 3 weeks to progress through one course.  Students will work at their own pace and take quizzes along the way.  Students are encouraged to take notes during the lessons and to continue working at home.

Students are allowed to use notes on the final exam which will be proctored at LCHS.  Students must receive a 70% or higher on the course as a whole to receive credit for the course.  The grade for the course is Pass or Fail and course grades will not affect a student’s GPA.

Courses Offered

MATH:  Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebra Concepts A, B, C, Geometry 1, 2, Geometry Concepts A, B, C, Algebra 3, Transitional Algebra A, B


ENGLISH:  English 9A, B, or C, English 10 A or B,  English 11A or B


SCIENCE:  Biology A or B, Biology Concepts A or B, Physical Science A or B, Physical Science Concepts A or B


SOCIAL STUDIES:  US History A or B, World History A or B, American Government A or B


Progress and Expectations

Regular progress is necessary if credit is to be earned.  Students should expect to make a minimum of 3 hours of progress each day while summer school is in session during the 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. time.  Student progress will be checked each day during staff hours. Teachers will conference with students during class about their progress and assist them in learning.  Students can also email their teacher for questions that occur outside of school hours.  


Course estimated times are around 35 hours for completion, but courses may take less time than that or longer, depending on student rates of learning and passing of quizzes, and the amount of support needed by the teacher to learn concepts.  


Follow your Course Report for your scheduled due dates and time expected on each task.  If you stay on target with those deadlines or ahead of schedule, you will be successful in completing your work!


Parents and guardians can ask students to share their Course Report at home to check how they are doing on their work.  To see how you can hold your student accountable for success by viewing their Course Report, watch this video.


Teachers will also be communicating with parents about progress towards completion at least 2 times per week.  



Registration for our program will begin taking place during the month of May and will close June 3rd, 2022.  Participation is by invitation only.  Parents and students registering must have previously received an email or letter from the school encouraging participation. 


If you have not received an invitation but would like to participate and believe your student needs this credit recovery opportunity, please contact your school counselor or one of the contacts listed below.



For questions please contact either:

  • LCHS news