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Josh Allen

A guide to keeping your Google account files.

Graduating Seniors,

Congratulations on your graduation from LC. We wish you the best in your future endeavors!

It's time for us to prepare to inactivate your Lewis Central Google account. If you are interested in keeping any of the documents, email, or other data that is presently in your account Google has a process that you can use!

Google allows you to download a copy of most data in your Google account or transfer the information to a different Google account that you own personally.

A Direct Link to Manage Your School Account

  • Choose "Transfer Your Content" and  follow the directions to transfer your information to a personal Google account.

Your Lewis Central Google account will be retired on or about July 5th. All data housed in your account will become inaccessible at that time. Please take steps now to archive any information that you wish to retain.

Copy content from your school account to another account

If you feel that you have received this email in error, please contact me. (If you are not graduating this year your account will remain active as long as you are enrolled at LC.)

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