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Combating the Summer Slide
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Josh Allen

Resources to keep your child learning during the summer.

If a student is not engaged in learning during an extended amount of time, like during the summer, their learning can become stagnant or regress. This is informally known as a "summer slide." 

During our 2nd grade parent meeting, Mrs. Matney, who will be a new-to-Titan Hill 2nd grade teacher next year, shared some of the following ideas to combat the "summer slide." While some of the resources below are labeled "2nd grade," many still apply to other ages or can easily be adapted to meet the needs of different ages of students. 

How to Beat the Summer Slide…

-Download academic apps to beat summer boredom


  • Math- measuring ingredients while cooking, playing board games such as Monopoly and Yahtzee, counting days on a calendar, and reading sports scores

  • Reading- modeling reading for your child, visiting local library for activities and books, reading labels/signs

  • Writing- writing in a journal,  writing a grocery list, writing to someone (postcard/letter, email, text)



  • Mindfulness- recognize their emotions, practice self-regulation, improve focus

  • Social Skills- respect, responsibility, empathy, and caring


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