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School Improvement Advisory Committee

The Lewis Central School Improvement Advisory Committee is a School Board appointed standing committee. Its purposes - to improve understanding and relationship between schools and community; to gain input at key stages of the comprehensive school improvement process; and to meet the requirements of HF 2272, Accountability for Student Learning.

The Board of Education appoints and charges the Community Advisory to make recommendations that are data-driven and aligned with needs assessment results. Specifically, the Community Advisory is to:
  • Analyze and interpret needs assessment data collected at five-year intervals. Ongoing analysis and interpretation will empower the Advisory to be responsive and to make recommendations to the school board about:
    • Major education needs;
    • Student learning goals;
    • Long-range goals that address reading, mathematics, science achievement, and other locally determined indicators.
  • Make annual recommendations to the school board using a wide range of data sources. Recommendations will center around:
    • Progress toward annual improvement goals addressing reading, math, science, and other locally determined indicators;
    • Revision or formulation of the next year's annual improvement goals.

The membership of this committee is made up of student, parents, teachers, administration and community members that are annually appointed by the Board of Education and meet 4-6 times throughout the year. We are always seeking active participants. If you are interested in volunteering for this committee, please contact Dave Black at 712-366-8202 or email him at We especially need males and racially diverse participation but everyone interested is encouraged to be considered for appointment to the group.

Meeting Agendas

The meetings of the SIAC are held in public four to six times throughout the year at the Educational Resource Center.

2021-2022 Membership

Parents Staff Admin Students
Chad Nation Jackie Bode-Steinke Eric Knost Olivia Arkfeld
Tiffany Nation DeAnn Franks Dave Black Kaeden Bach
Lesley Sprague Alex Paulus Kim Jones Korey Wells
Stephanie Bach Sam Schroeder Laurie Thies
Jeremy Bach Carrie Recher Andrea Raes
Jessica Rosenberg Mandy Vincent Joel Beyenhof
Jillian Andersen Rachel Witte Mandie Reynolds
Angie Stoufer Taylor Lund Dana Barker
Amy Peterson Jen Dekker Erica Kenoyer
Carol Fassbinder-Orth Jackie Bode-Steinke
Amy Graeve Kelly Carr
Mandy Arkfeld
Mary Fahrenkrug
Michelle Juon
Shirley Urich
Alesha Wells