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905.2 Tobacco - Nicotine-Free Environment

The Board of Directors recognizes its responsibility to provide a healthy, safe and productive environment in which to work and learn. The use of tobacco and nicotine products; including, but not limited to, cigarettes, nicotine chew, snus, dissolvables, electronic cigarettes, any electronic or other devices that can be used to deliver nicotine to the person inhaling from the device, any other look-alike products in which the original product would include tobacco and/or nicotine and/or other nicotine products that are not approved by the Federal Drug Administration for tobacco cessation; on district property; including in district buildings, on district grounds, in district transportation vehicles, or at any district activity; is prohibited.

This policy extends to all students, employees, volunteers and visitors. This policy applies to all times, including during school-sponsored events and during non-school-sponsored events.

Persons violating this policy shall be asked to cease using the tobacco and/or nicotine products, properly dispose of the tobacco and/or nicotine product and refrain from using tobacco and/or nicotine products in the future. Persons failing to abide by this request shall be required to leave the district premises immediately.

It shall be the responsibility of all district personnel, and specifically district administrators, to enforce this policy.

Legal Reference:  20 U.S.C. 608
Iowa Code §§ 142D; 279.8, .9; 297.

Cross Reference:  Policy 1004.1 Community Use of School Facilities
Policy 502.8 Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol
Policy 401.14 Use of School Facilities/Equipment by Employees
Policy Primer - Volume 8, Number 1 - August 10, 1994

Adopted:  12/21/87
Modified:  12/06/21
Reviewed:  11/15/21

  • Series 900 Buildings & Grounds