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905.1E1 Application for Use & Liability




All use of Lewis Central Community School District facilities before and after the normal school day, weekends, vacations and holidays, is scheduled through the Activities Office of Lewis Central School District.

Application for Facility Use

  1. Obtain a “Use of School Facilities Application” by calling the Activities Office at 712-366-8245 to have one mailed to you, or you may pick up an application at the Activities Office at 3504 Harry Langdon Blvd.
  2. All information must be completed on the application to include any district equipment needed (i.e. chairs, tables, TV, VCR, etc.) set up time (if applicable) and actual use time(s), as well as any special instructions required. To be valid the application must be signed by the “person responsible”.
  3. Upon completion of the Use of School Facilities Application, return it to the Activities Office for processing.   Dates should be scheduled with the Office as far in advance as possible.  All activities officially sponsored by Lewis Central Community School District will in all cases take precedence in the use of school facilities, buildings, equipment and grounds.  All other usage is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  4. The designated personnel in the Activities Office will process the application for appropriateness and availability, and arrange for custodial services/staffing and/or any additional services or staffing which are needed or required.  Any additional custodial services and/or staffing costs are the responsibility of the facility user.
  5. Upon completing the application processing, the Activities Office will verbally notify the responsible person of approval, denial, or any modifications made as well as forward a copy of the Use of School Facilities Application to the responsible person listed on the application.
  6. To gain entrance to the Lewis Central Community School facilities the applicant/group will be required to show the approved application copy for authorization to use the facility prior to usage.
  7. All fees for facility use are due upon receipt.  No individual/group will be approved for further use until all outstanding bills by that individual/group for facility use and/or any damages have been paid.
  8. In the event an individual/group violates any of the rules, regulations and/or conditions set forth by Lewis Central Community School District, all further use will be suspended.


Community groups using school facilities are responsible for proper supervision of the activity, observance of all fire and safety regulations, adequate police protection if needed, and payment for any damage to school property through their use.  The individual named on the permit and the group sponsor in whose name the permit is issued are jointly responsible for any liability of damage, loss or personal injury to any participants or spectators resulting from the use of District facilities.  Lewis Central assumes no responsibility for liability of damage, loss, or personal injury resulting from use of District facilities.

In certain instances a certificate of liability insurance covering the event must be on file in the Activities Office before the facility use would be approved.  A minimum coverage at least equal to the basic limits of the District’ liability policy for bodily injury and property damage with an endorsement to the policy which adds the School Board as additional insured.



Modified:                  12/06/21

Reviewed:                 11/15/21

  • Series 900 Buildings & Grounds