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903.3 Visitors To School District Facilities

The board welcomes the active interest of parents and citizens in their public schools, and invites the community to visit at any time. However, since schools are a place of work and learning, certain limits must be set to visits. The building principal is responsible for all persons in the building and on the grounds. For these reasons, the following policy applies to visitors to the school.

  1. Anyone who is not a regular staff member or student of the school shall be termed a “visitor”.
  2. Any visitor to the school must report to the office of the principal upon arrival at the school; failure to do so may lead to legal charges.
  3. Parents or citizens who wish to observe a classroom while school is in session are urged to arrange such visits in advance with the teacher, so that class disruption may be kept to a minimum.
  4. Teachers are expected not to take class time to discuss individual matters with outside visitors.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code §§ 279.8; 716.7.

Cross Reference:  Policy 1003.2 Citizen Volunteers and Resource Persons

Adopted:  10/16/89
Modified:  12/06/21
Reviewed:  11/15/21

  • Series 900 Buildings & Grounds