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903.1 School - Community Associations



The Board values the participation and the support of school district-community associations, including but not limited to, the Booster Club, PTA, and elementary organizations.  Establishment of such associations in the school district may occur upon approval by the Board.  Each group must have an administrator who shall serve as the liaison officer representing the school district in working cooperatively with the organizations.  Membership and rules governing these organizations shall be determined by each unit and approved by the Board.  Any activities involving fund raising, collections of dues, fees, or other monies shall be coordinated through the assigned administrator.

Prior to any purchase of or fund-raising for the purchase of goods or services for the school district, the association shall confer with the superintendent and/or designee to assist the association in purchasing goods or services to meet the school district's needs.

All donations for equipment, supplies, transportation, etc., are to be approved in advance by the superintendent and/or designee.  The designated administrator shall communicate the necessary information.  Such approval shall be for the purpose of communications, not for disallowing the normal functions of these groups, unless a requested purchase is contrary to district policy, would require other expenses to be incurred, or could set a precedent which would not be in the best interests of the District.

Any gift or purchase for the district of over $500 by an adult support group will require advance board approval.  The Board will send an appropriate response for large gifts.


Legal Reference:              Iowa Code §§ 279.8;

Cross Reference:             Policy 802.3 Gifts, Grants, Bequests


Adopted:                             12/16/85

Modified:                           11/15/21

Reviewed:                          11/01/21

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