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802.3 Emergency Repairs



When an emergency arises in the maintenance and operation for any school district property that directly affects the learning environment and/or safety and welfare of personnel and students, the following action shall supersede the official maintenance schedule:

                (1)          Any staff member shall do all in his/her power to correct the emergency as need dictates, or


                (2)          If unable to correct and/or control the emergency, shall report the emergency situation to the maintenance staff immediately for correction.

In the event an emergency requiring repairs in excess of $25,000 to a school district facility are necessary to correct or control the situation and to prevent the closing of school, the provisions relating to bidding shall not apply.  The Board shall have the discretion to determine what constitutes an emergency.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to obtain certification from the area education agency administrator stating such repairs in excess of $25,000 were necessary to prevent the closing of school.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to notify the Board as soon as possible considering the circumstances of the emergency.


Legal Reference:                 Iowa Code §§ 26.3, 280.3, .14; 297.8.


Cross Reference:             Policy 803.15  Purchasing Authority

                                                Series 902  Maintenance, Operation and Management

                                                Policy 803.16  Resolution of the Board of Directors - Targeted Small Business Procurement Goals


Approved                            Unknown

Modified:                           11/15/21

Reviewed:                          11/01/21

  • Series 800 Business Procedures