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711.3 Student Transportation for Extra-Curricular Activities



The use of school buses shall be restricted to transporting students, volunteers, and/or other community residents to and from school and to and from extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school when such extra-curricular activity is under the direction of a qualified member of the faculty and is a part of the regular school program.

Students, who are provided transportation in school district transportation vehicles for extracurricular events, shall ride both to and from the event in the school vehicle unless arrangements have been made with the building principal or designee prior to the event. A student’s parent may personally appear and request to transport the student home from a school sponsored event in which the student traveled to the event on a school district transportation vehicle.

Passengers on the school buses must comply with all rules and regulations established for proper conduct on school buses in order to retain their bus riding eligibility.


Legal Reference:              Iowa Code §§ 256B.4285.1-.4321.

281 I.A.C 41.412


Cross Reference:              Policy 602.3 Special Education

                                                Series 702 Transportation


Adopted:                             Unknown

Modified:                            09/20/21

Reviewed:                          08/30/21

  • Series 700 Auxiliary Services