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711.12 Emergency Routes

It may be necessary for school buses to travel routes other than normal daily routes. The following situations may require implementation of emergency routes:

  1. Designated emergency routes are open, but other roads in the district are considered unsafe for bus travel due to snow or other weather-related conditions.
  2. A road used by the district for normal daily routes is closed due to work being performed by city, county, or state agencies.

The Superintendent or designee shall determine when emergency routes will be implemented.

School will be in session during these situations. Students not able to reach the emergency route bus stop because of the inclement weather may be granted an excused absence by the building administrator.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 279.8 (1993).
Iowa Code 285.1(4).

Cross Reference:  Series 702 Transportation

Adopted:  09/06/94
Modified:  09/20/21
Reviewed:  08/30/21

  • Series 700 Auxiliary Services