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710.1R1 Food Service Program

The purpose of the school lunch and breakfast program shall be to provide nutritional, balanced meals to the students of the school district on a non-profit basis and to utilize the program as an instrument for the teaching of nutrition education. Based upon the USDA government regulations

This service includes breakfast, lunch, milk and ala carte items.

Accounts: Accounts are established for each household and/or family. Accordingly, all children in a household will be grouped into one account. Each child is issued an individual, unique card indicating name and an identification code.

Sales method: A computerized revenue program records sales by individual student based on information obtained from the individual card, which is scanned at the point of sale. At the point of sale, funds are deducted from the funds on deposit for the household/family account.

Deposits to account: Funds must be deposited to household/family accounts in one of three ways. 1) Checks or cash may be physically delivered to the school lunch cashier for credit to the household/family account. In addition, by accessing the district web site, 2) funds may be deposited electronically with a charge to either a bank account or to a charge/credit card account. Deposits may be made for any amount. 3) Deposits can be made over the phone with a bank account or a charge card/debit card by calling the Food Service Office.

Low Balance Reporting: When funds on deposit fall below a balance of $5.00 per child on the household/family account, a low balance notification appears at the point of sale. The student is verbally notified that a deposit to the household/family account will be required within days. In the case of elementary students, a note may be sent home with the student. In addition, balances may be reviewed on the school web site. When an account becomes negative, ala carte sales on account are prohibited.

Transferability of cards: To maintain individual accountability, control, and confidentiality, cards may never be used or transferred to a student other than the child to whom the card was initially issued.

Lost meal cards: When a card is lost, the student has the responsibility to notify a staff member, who may in turn report the lost card to food service staff. The lost card is blocked in the system, and a new card will be issued within one school day. The cost to replace a card is fifty cents and must be paid in cash by the student.

Forgotten cards: In the event a card is forgotten, the student may purchase a meal by providing his/her identification number.

Ala carte sales: Ala carte items are available for sale only to students whose parents have provided written authorization for ala carte sales to their children. And when the family account has a positive balance

Return checks: Return checks are assessed the customary fee established by the bank. Application of this procedure is made only by food service staff after exhaustive efforts to have the return checks made good.

Payment by end of school year: If a household account has a negative balance at the conclusion of the school year, a service charge of $20.00 will be assessed to the account, and food service staff will make reasonable collection efforts prior to the start of the ensuing academic year.

Legal Reference:  42 U.S.C. 1751 et seq. (1988).
Iowa Code 283A (1993).
281 I.A.C. 58.

Cross Reference:  Series 701
Series 1004

Adopted:  Unknown
Modified:  09/20/21
Reviewed:  08/30/21

  • Series 700 Auxiliary Services