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606.6 Insufficient Classroom Space

It is the goal of the district to create learning environments that encourage the growth and development of each student.  Providing classrooms with an appropriate student-teacher ratio is central to achieving this goal.  Insufficient classroom space exists when conditions in the district adversely affect the implementation of the district’s goals and its educational program.

Insufficient classroom space is determined on a case-by-case basis.  In making its determination whether insufficient classroom space exists, the board may consider several factors, including but not limited to, the nature of the education program, the grade level, the available licensed employees, the instructional method, the physical space, student-teacher ratios, equipment and materials, facilities either being planned or under construction, facilities planned to be closed, financial condition of the school district and projected to be available, a sharing agreement in force or planned, a bargaining agreement in force, laws or rules governing special education class size, board-adopted school district goals and objectives, and other factors considered relevant by the board.

This policy is reviewed by the board annually.  It is the responsibility of the superintendent to bring this policy to the attention of the board each year.


Legal Reference:              Iowa Code § 282.18(13).

                                                281 I.A.C. 17.6(3).


Cross Reference:             103         Long-Range Needs Assessment

                                                501.15   Open Enrollment Transfers - Procedures as a Receiving District

                                                606.1     Class Size - Class Grouping


 Adopted:                             08/30/21

Modified:                            08/29/22

Reviewed:                           08/16/21; 08/29/22

  • Series 600 Educational Program