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605.2R2 Reconsideration of Instructional Material

The school official or employee receiving a complaint regarding instructional materials will try to resolve the issue informally. The materials generally will remain in use pending the outcome of the reconsideration procedure. If individual is dissatisfied with the initial explanation from the classroom teacher or teacher librarian, and after consultation with the principal, the individual desires to file a formal complaint, the principal will assist in filling out a Reconsideration Request Form in full and filing it with the school’s main office. If a formal request for reconsideration has not been received by the principal within two weeks of the individual requesting the form, it shall be considered closed.

It is preferable that the individual complete the form electronically through this electronic form:
Instructional Materials Reconsideration Form

If it is not possible to complete the form electronically, the individual or school personnel can print a paper copy of the form for the individual to complete and return to the principal.
Printable Copy of Instructional Materials Reconsideration Form

Approved:  11/02/09
Modified:  08/16/21
Reviewed:  08/02/21

  • Series 600 Educational Program