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605.1R3 Libraries Selection - Deselection - Disposal

Selection Criteria
Teacher librarians will use the following criteria as a guide when selecting materials for the Lewis Central community:

  • Contribution the subject matter makes to the curriculum and/or to the interests from the community (for example: general interest levels could be investigated through Goodreads, Amazon, etc.)
  • Favorable review found in established selection sources, including but not limited to the following:
    • Booklist
    • Kirkus Reviews
    • Novelist Plus
    • School Library Journal
    • professional personnel

AND at least one of the following criteria:

  • Award-winning resource
  • Reputation and significance of the author and publisher
  • Validity, accuracy, and appropriateness for grade/age level(s) and reading level(s) of library
  • Materials offer multiple points of view and celebrate diversity
  • Timeliness or permanence
  • An additional favorable review

Deselection Criteria
When considering whether or not a book shall remain in circulation for the students in the Lewis Central community, the following criteria are considered:

  • Relevancy of the item (Is it outdated or contain misinformation?)
  • Condition (Is the item falling apart, missing pages, or look to be in general disrepair?)
  • Circulation (Has the item been checked out more than 4 times in the last 5 years?)
  • Abundance (Are there multiple copies [more than 4] of the item?)
  • Quality (Is the quality mediocre or the presentation of information no longer relevant/useful?)

Should an item meet any of these criteria, it may be considered for deselection and removed from the school library’s circulation.

Disposal Policy
Each teacher librarian will need to assess the current weeding needs of the library collection. Once a decision has been made to remove an item from the library collection, use the following steps to remove it from the collection:

  1. Identify the material as discarded (can be accomplished using a “discarded” stamp)
  2. Cross out any identification labels with marker or remove library labels
  3. Remove record from Destiny catalog using the discard protocol in current catalog
  4. Consider condition and/or usefulness to decide if the book should be repurposed
    • If material will not be repurposed, contact school custodian/staff for discarding or recycling procedures for the building
    • Repurpose materials according to use, relevance, and need. Consider the following options to repurpose:
      • Classroom libraries
      • Other schools’ libraries within the district
      • Give away items to students and families
      • Offer items to community centers
      • Consider donation to local book organizations

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Adopted:  05/21/18
Modified:  08/16/21
Reviewed:  08/02/21

  • Series 600 Educational Program