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605.1R2 Accessible Instructional Materials

  1. The AIM acquisition process, which should be started six months prior to the need, when possible:
    • Once a student is identified by the IEP or 504 team as requiring AIM, the Digital Rights Manager is contacted who will manage the process of securing materials.
    • This person contacts the Iowa Department for the Blind (IDB) who is Iowa’s authorized user at NIMAC (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Center) to begin requisitioning material.
    • The IDB will search all repositories for the required specialized format.
    • Once secured the IDB will forward material to the Digital Rights Manager.
    • This person will, in turn, forward the material to the instructor.
    • When material is no longer needed the instructor will begin the process to return it to the IDB.
  2. Textbook purchase guidance: Include the following paragraph during large textbook/instructional materials purchases.

The publisher agrees to prepare and submit a NIMAS fileset to the NIMAC upon successful completion of this purchase agreement for the textbooks/instructional materials purchased. If the seller is a vendor, not the publisher of the materials, the vendor must immediately notify the publisher of the obligation to submit to NIMAC. The files will be used for specialized formats within the law for students with print disabilities. This is to occur in a timely manner with the print versions.

  1. Lewis Central Community School’s current major textbook publishers are on the NIMAC list.
  2. Lewis Central Community School’s Digital Rights Manager: Laurie Thies.
  3. The Iowa Department of Education contact person: Emily Thatcher

Ph: 515.281.3576

Email: emily_thatcher

Legal Reference:  Iowa Administrative Code 281-41.172(256B,34CFR300) 2007
Iowa Administrative Code 281-41.210(256B,34CFR300) 2007

Adopted:  02/01/10
Modified:  08/16/21
Reviewed:  08/02/21

  • Series 600 Educational Program