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602.7 Adult Education

The Board of Directors supports post-high school and adult education programs for the members of the school district community. The goal of the adult education program shall be to prepare individuals for democratic citizenship, to provide them with means for economic improvement and cultural development, and to enrich their personal lives.

The school district facilities shall be available for these education programs as long as they do not interfere with or disrupt the education program or other school district activities. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to oversee these programs.

No programs will be operated unless a predetermined number of individuals register for the program. This number shall be determined based upon the costs of the program. Proposed changes to post-high school and adult education programs shall be made in the manner set forth by the superintendent.

Adult education programs shall be provided in conjunction with a local post-secondary institution.

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Cross Reference:  Use of School District Facilities and Equipment

Adopted:  Unknown
Reviewed:  08/02/21

  • Series 600 Educational Program