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507.8 Special Health Services

The board recognizes that some special education students need special health services during the school day. These students will receive special health services in conjunction with their individualized health plan.
The superintendent, in conjunction with licensed health personnel, will establish administrative regulations for the implementation of this policy.
Some students need special health services to participate in their educational program. These students shall receive special health services in conjunction with their educational program under the direction of licensed health personnel employed or contracted by the district.

The record of special health services shall include:

  • the student's name;
  • the special health service;
  • the prescriber or person authorizing;
  • the date and time;
  • the signature and title of the person providing the special health service; and
  • any unusual circumstances in the provision of such services.

Prior to the provision of special health services the following shall be on file:

  • a written statement by the prescriber detailing the specific method and schedule of the special health service, when indicated;
  • a written statement by the student's parent requesting the provision of the special health service;
  • a written report of the preplanning staffing or meeting of the education team; and
  • a written individual health plan.

The duties of the licensed personnel include:

  • to participate as a member of the education team;
  • to provide the health assessment;
  • to plan, implement, and evaluate the written individual health plan;
  • to plan, implement, and evaluate special emergency health services;
  • to serve as liaison and encourage participation and communication with health service agencies and individuals providing health care;
  • to provide health consultation, counseling, and instruction to the student, the student's parent, and the staff in cooperation and conjunction with the prescriber;
  • to maintain a record of special health services;
  • to report unusual circumstances to the prescriber, parent and school administration; and
  • to assign, delegate, instruct, provide technical assistance to and supervise qualified designated personnel; and update knowledge and skills to meet special health service needs;

Licensed health personnel, in collaboration with the education team, shall determine the special health services to be provided and the qualifications of individuals performing the special health services. The documented rationale shall include the following:

  • an analysis and interpretation of the special health service needs, health status stability, complexity of the service, predictability of the service outcome, and risk of improperly performed service;
  • the determination that the special health service, task, procedure, or function is part of the person's job description;
  • the determination of the assignment and delegation, based on the student's needs;
  • a review of the designated person's competence; and
  • the determination of initial and ongoing level of supervision required to ensure quality services.

Licensed health personnel shall supervise the special health services, define the level of supervision, and document the supervision.

Licensed health personnel shall instruct qualified designated personnel to deliver and perform special health services contained in the individual health plan. Documentation of instruction and periodic updates shall be on file at the school.

Parents shall provide the usual equipment, supplies, and necessary maintenance for such. The equipment shall be stored in a secured area. Personnel responsible for the equipment shall be designated in the individual health plan.

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Approved:  01/04/93
Modified:  08/16/21
Reviewed:  08/02/21

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