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507.4 Injury or Illness at School



Students who become ill or are injured at school will be given first aid.   Whenever possible, parents will be notified when appropriate.  When the parent cannot be reached by telephone, a member of the school staff may transport the ill or injured child home, to the hospital, or to a doctor’s office.

In the case of an emergency, the student shall be transported to a hospital by ambulance or other type of transportation.  If possible, the family physician listed on the office records shall be contacted.

If a student must take prescribed medication during school hours, written authorization and instructions must be provided by the parents or legal guardians of the student.


Legal Reference:              Iowa Code § 613.17

Cross Reference:              Policy 504.10 Student Medication Administration


Adopted:                             Unknown

Modified:                           06/21/21

Reviewed:                          06/07/21

  • Series 500 Students