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505.5 Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete the courses required by the Board of Directors in order to graduate. Students must successfully complete the curriculum for each grade level, grade one through grade eight, and complete all the required courses of study and credits prior to graduation, as determined by the Iowa Department of Education and the school district board. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to ensure that students complete the curriculum for grades one through eight and that high school students complete 55 credits prior to graduation.
Graduation from Lewis Central High School shall be based upon the following:
1.       Successfully complete the following classes with a grade of D- or higher:
·         Eight (8) credits of English (Must include English 9, English 10, and English 11, and Speech I)
·         Six (6) credits of Social Studies (Must include US History, World History, and Government
·         Minimum of six (6) credits of Mathematics including First year Algebra and Geometry. Plus two additional elective credits beyond Geometry.
·         Six (6) credits of science including, Physical Science, and Biology.
·         Physical Education – four (4) credits
·         Health – one (1) credit
·         Work-Based Learning – one (1) credit - Workplace Readiness or College Readiness
·         Life Skills – three (3) credits (Personal Finance, Parenting, 1 credit from Technology and Engineering Department)
·         Fine Arts –2 credits (Must include two terms, each term must be taken from two different areas: Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Art, and Drama.)
2.       While enrolled at Lewis Central, students may transfer up to two (2) credits towards their graduation requirements from courses not taken through Lewis Central (night school, summer and correspondence classes from other approved credited learning institutions) Students can only exceed the two credits per administrative approval.
The required courses of study will be reviewed by the board annually. Prior to graduation, the district will advise students on how to successfully complete the free application for federal student aid. 
Students who complete a regular session in the Legislative Page Program of the general assembly at the state capitol will be credited ½ credit of social studies. 
Students enrolled in a junior officers’ training corp will receive 1/8th physical education credit for each semester the student is enrolled in the program. 

Graduation requirements for students receiving special education services:
It is the IEP team’s responsibility, beginning in 8th grade, to develop a pathway to 4-3-3-3 that meets the student’s unique needs and results in a regular high school diploma.
It is the expectation that the majority of special education students will meet the 4-3-3-3 requirements outlined for all students. However, the IEP team may allow multiple pathways for very few special education students to achieve these requirements.
The options for multiple pathways outlined by the Lewis Central Community School District include:
1.       Changes for students identified for alternate assessment: allows access to standards through the essential elements or aligned standards that maintain rigor and help students focus on meaningful, personally relevant, functional skills that lead to post-secondary success.
2.       Changes the location of instruction: allows students to demonstrate aligned standards through work experience offered at school or within the community.
3.       Changes to course pathways: allows changes to courses for one or more of the 4-3-3-3 core areas.
4.       Changes to course requirements: allows alterations to the course requirements such as proficiency levels, genre, and demonstration of knowledge
5.       Changes in the number of standards: allows for a reduction of the number of standards in one or more core courses.
6.       Changes in course standards: allows the identification of course standards aligned to a students post-secondary expectations.

Legal Reference:              Iowa Code §§ 256.7, 11, .41; 279.8; 280.3, .14.
                                           281 I.A.C. 12.3(5); 12.5.

Cross Reference:             Series 501 School Entrance and Attendance Policies
                                           Policy 602.3 Provision of Special Education
Adopted:                  03/21/84
Modified:                  08/30/21; 08/07/23
Reviewed:                08/16/21; 08/07/23
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