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505.1 Student Progress Reports and Conferences

The Board of Directors recognizes the following objectives or purposes of a system of student report practices.

  1. To inform parents of the progress made by their children.
  2. To bring parents into closer understanding of the work of the school.
  3. To record for pupils their growth or achievement.
  4. To assist pupils in evaluating their growth or achievement.
  5. To assist the pupil, the parents, and the school in working cooperatively for the welfare of the pupil.

Conferences will be held midway through each term of the school year. Conferences for students in grades K-3 will include information from diagnostic assessments of reading skills.

Parents, teachers, or principals may request a conference for students in grades kindergarten through twelve in addition to the scheduled conference time. Parents and students are encouraged to discuss the student’s progress or other matters with the student’s teacher.

Report cards will be issued at the close of each term throughout the school year.

Legal References:  Iowa Code §§ 256.11, 41; .280, 284.12.
281 I.A.C. 12.3(4), 12.3(6), .5(16).

Cross Reference:  Policy 503.6 Interscholastic Competition
Policy 505.1 Student Records

Adopted:  Unknown
Modified:  07/19/21
Reviewed:  06/21/21

  • Series 500 Students