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504.4R2 Contests For Students

The following policy of the Board of Directors shall govern student participation in local, state, and national contests:

  1. Participation shall be limited to those contests and activities that are educational sound, worthy, and timely. It shall be stimulating for the student and school, a desirable activity for both, and shall supplement and not interfere with the regular program. Participation shall be voluntary. No contestant shall be excluded because of age, color, creed, or payment of an entry fee.
  2. Approval or rejection of participation in contests in the area, state, region, or nation shall be determined on the basis of school policy as interpreted by the activities coordinator and/or school principal.
  3. Transportation - Appropriate school funds may be used to assume the costs of transportation where students represent the school in competition or an education trip, but in other events the students shall pay their own transportation costs.

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Adopted: Unknown
Modified:  12/06/21
Reviewed:  11/15/21

  • Series 500 Students