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503.7 Student Disclosure of Identity

It is the goal of the district to provide a safe and supportive educational environment in which all students may learn.  As part of creating that safe educational environment, no employee of the district will provide false or misleading information to the parent/guardian of a student regarding that student’s gender identity or intention to transition to a gender that is different from their birth certificate or certificate issued upon adoption.   

If a student makes a request to a licensed employee to accommodate a gender identity, name, or pronoun that is different than what was assigned to the student in the student’s registration forms or records, the licensed employee is required by Iowa law to report the request to an administrator. The school administrator receiving the report is required by Iowa law to report the request to the student’s parent/guardian.  This requirement also applies to all nicknames.

To maintain compliance with Iowa law and also provide efficiency in the reporting requirements listed above, the Superintendent will provide the opportunity for parents and guardians to list in the student’s registration paperwork any and all nicknames used for students.

Adopted:             08/07/23
  • Series 500 Students