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502.9 Interviews Of Students By Outside Agencies

Generally, students may not be interviewed during the school day by persons other than parents and school district officials and employees.

Requests from law enforcement officers and from persons other than parents, school district officials, and employees to interview students are made through the principal's office. Upon receiving a request, it is the responsibility of the principal to determine whether the request will be granted. Generally, prior to granting a request, the principal will attempt to contact the parents to inform them of the request and to ask them to be present.

If a child abuse investigator wishes to interview a student, the principal will defer to the investigator's judgment as to whether the student should be interviewed independently from the student's parents, whether the school is the most appropriate setting for the interview, and who will be present during the interview.

Students will not be taken from school without the consent of the principal and without proper warrant.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code §§ 232; 280.17.
281 I.A.C. 102.
441 I.A.C. 9.2; 155; 175.

Cross Reference:  402.2 Child Abuse Reporting
502.10 Search and Seizure
503 Student Discipline
902.2 News Conferences and Interviews

Adopted:  06/21/21
Reviewed:  06/07/21

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