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415 Use of School Facilities/Equipment

School facilities and equipment exist for the primary purpose of providing for the educational and school support services of the school district. School facilities, equipment, and supplies are not to be used for employees' personal, material, or recreational needs either during or beyond normal working hours.

This policy specifically prohibits the use of district facilities, equipment and supplies for any private instruction, tutoring, coaching, adult education, professional or consulting services for pay or other consideration conducted by any district staff or any other person.

District facilities may be scheduled for use by employees as specified in Policy Series 1004.13 and Exhibit 1004.13R1.

Nothing in the preceding statements shall prevent an employee from using school facilities beyond customary working hours for preparation of or engaging in work directly associated with the employee's position with the school system for the benefit of the Lewis Central Community School District subject to administrative approval.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 256.12; 279.8; 297.9 (1993).

Cross Reference:  Series 1004 Use of School Facilities

Adopted:  Unknown
Modified:  03/01/21
Reviewed:  02/15/21

  • Series 400 Staff Personnel