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407.1 Licensed Employee Resignation

End of the Year - Employees may resign effective at the end of their contract period by filing a signed written resignation with the Superintendent and returning their unsigned contract.

Mid-Year - The Board recognizes that there are some circumstances which force an employee to request a release from a contract before the expiration date of the contract. The Board also recognizes that the district suffers difficulties and expenses in finding a suitable replacement, that a replacement may not be as experienced or as qualified as the resigning employee, and that a mid-year resignation causes disruption to the educational program. The Board further recognizes that an employee has an opportunity at the end of each contract period to resign the contract. The Board believes that any employee who signs a contract shall fulfill the contract to the best of the employee's ability.

An employee who wishes to resign a contract before the expiration date of the contract shall submit to the Superintendent a signed written request setting out the reasons for the requested release and the date of the requested release at least 60 days prior to the requested date of departure.

The employee shall be released from the contract only if the Board determines that a valid reason exists for release from the contract. The employee shall be expected to continue performing services under the contract until a suitable replacement is placed under contract and a written release is obtained from the Board.

An employee may seek a waiver from the Board of any of the conditions set forth for requesting a release prior to the expiration date of the contract. The Board, on its own or following a request, may, waive any of the conditions.

If an employee does not fulfill the conditions set out above for obtaining a release from a contract before its expiration date or does not obtain a waiver from the Board of such conditions, the Superintendent shall notify the Board of Educational Examiners and seek disciplinary action.

Employees desiring a change in the specified supplemental duty(ies) contained in their current contract should make those requests known in the form of a written request directed to the Superintendent. The Board considers the teaching contract containing supplemental duty(ies) as one legally binding agreement. Request to drop supplemental duty(ies) may be permitted only when a suitable replacement as determined by the Superintendent can be secured or if the certified employee resigns according to the preceding provisions.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 91A.2, .3, .5; 272A.6; 279.13, .19A (1993).

Cross Reference:  Policy 402.3 Tendering of Contracts
Series 403 Certified Personnel Contract Termination
Policy 401.9 Termination of Employment of District Personnel

Adopted:  01/20/86
Modified:  03/22/21
Reviewed:  03/01/21

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