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405.3 Licensed Employee Individual Contracts

Contracts with licensed personnel of the district (other than administrators) shall be tendered to the employee no sooner than March 15 of any year for the following school year. The employee shall sign and return the contract or submit a written resignation to the Secretary of the Board no later than the date specified by the Board for the return of the contract.

The contract shall be in writing and shall state the number of contract days, the annual compensation to be paid, and any other matters as may be mutually agreed upon.

The contract shall be signed by the President of the Board when tendered, and after it is signed by the employee, the contract shall be filed with the Secretary of the Board before the employee enters into performance under the contract.

A contract for a new employee shall be invalid if the employee is under contract with another board of directors to serve during the same time period until a release from the other contract has been obtained.

Legal Reference:  Harris v. Manning Ind. School Dist. of Manning, 245 Iowa 1295, 66 N.W. 2d 438 (1954).
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Iowa Code 279.13.

Cross Reference:  Policy 203.7 Board of Directors' Conflict of Interest
Policy 401.3 Recruitment, Qualifications, and Selection of Certified Staff
Policy 407.2 Recruitment, Qualifications, and Selection of District Personnel

Adopted:  Unknown
Modified:  03/22/21
Reviewed:  03/01/21

  • Series 400 Staff Personnel