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405.1 Licensed Employee Defined

The term "licensed personnel" will be used for those employees who must possess teaching or administrative certificates issued by the Iowa Department of Education in order to hold their positions.

Licensed personnel shall be licensed for the position they hold with the school district. The license shall meet the requirements set out by the Iowa Department of Education. Each licensed employee must have on file in the district's central personnel files a copy of their current license prior to payment of salary.

Licensed employee must present evidence of current license to the board secretary prior to payment of salary each year.

Legal Reference: Clay v. Independent School District of Cedar Falls, 187 Iowa 89, 174 N.W. 47 (1919).
Iowa Code §§ 256.7(3); 272; 279.8.
281 I.A.C. 12.4
282 I.A.C. 14.

Cross Reference:  Policy 401.3 Recruitment, Qualifications, and Selection of Certified Staff
Policy 407.2 Recruitment, Qualifications, and Selection of District Personnel

Adopted:  05/22/89
Modified:  03/22/21
Reviewed:  03/01/21

  • Series 400 Staff Personnel