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402.7R1 Guidelines for Student Teaching

Guidelines for College/University Supervising Teachers

Initial contacts regarding placement of teachers in the Lewis Central District are to be made with the Superintendent. Supervising teachers are expected to provide specific information on the prospective student teacher to the Superintendent at the time of the original request for placement. In addition, those colleges or universities wishing to work with the Lewis Central District should maintain a collection of their specific handbooks of expectations for cooperating teachers and student teachers with the Superintendent.

When approval of a student teacher placement in the district has been made, the supervising teacher shall provide the cooperating teacher with a copy of all expectations and forms to be used at least one week prior to the student teacher's first arrival. A preliminary visit by the student teacher to become oriented to the district before the student teaching experience begins is strongly recommended. If at all possible, supervising teachers should hold an orientation meeting for cooperating teachers in this district and other districts in the area to assist them in understanding and performing their role as cooperating teachers.
Guidelines for Lewis Central Cooperating Teachers

It is the professional and ethical responsibility of the Lewis Central District to place student teachers only with cooperating teachers who would provide role models of excellent instruction and professionalism.

Building principals will look for cooperating teachers who possess the following characteristics:

  1. Have been active participants in staff development and professional growth experiences.
  2. Have at least two years teaching experience in the Lewis Central District.
  3. Have no ratings of "does not meet district standards" on their most recent evaluation.
  4. Project a positive attitude and image of the school district and the profession of teaching.

Cooperating teachers who work with student teachers in the Lewis Central District will be expected to meet the requirements set forth in the handbooks provided by the supervising teacher from the college or university. In addition, the cooperating teacher and building principal will work out an agreement for curriculum/building work to be accomplished during the period when the student teacher assumes full-time responsibility for classroom instruction. The cooperating teacher will also arrange for the student teacher to observe in other classes/grade levels during the last week of the student teaching period, while the cooperating teacher gradually reassumes the teaching duties in the classroom. Upon completion of the student teacher's experience, the cooperating teacher will send an additional copy of the final student teacher evaluation along with any personal comments to the Superintendent where it will be maintained on file.

Guidelines for Student Teachers

Individuals performing their student teaching experience in the Lewis Central District will be expected to meet all expectations of the guidelines provided by their university or college. Regardless of the specific college requirement, Lewis Central believes that student teachers should spend at least nine weeks in the student teaching assignment with full teaching responsibility for at least four weeks.

It is expected that prospective student teachers will visit the school at least one week before their student teaching experience begins. At that time, they shall be provided with staff and student handbooks and should study them carefully before beginning their student teaching experience. Student teachers are expected to maintain all standards expected of a regular Lewis Central faculty member, including professional conduct, appearance and dress at all times. Student teachers will also attend all meetings and functions that are considered part of the cooperating teacher's regular contract responsibilities. This would include attendance at faculty meetings and curriculum committee meetings, but does not require involvement with supplemental duties such as coaching.

It will generally not be recommended that a recent graduate of Lewis Central High School perform student teaching experience at the high school.

Adopted:  05/22/89
Modified:  03/22/21
Reviewed:  03/01/21

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