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402.7 Student Teachers

The Lewis Central Board of Directors recognizes the importance of teacher training. In view of this need the Board is pleased to cooperate with teacher training institutions in making Lewis Central School facilities and personnel available to the teacher training institutions so that student teachers may have an opportunity to have training and experience in classroom situations, provided that appropriate written agreements between the institution and Lewis Central Schools are made. Student teaching assignments are to be made cooperatively between the teacher training institution, the district's administrator responsible for coordination, and the prospective cooperating teacher. (Rules 404.2a)

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 260.27 (1993).
281 I.A.C. 77.
1974 Op. Atty Gen. 6.
1936 Op. Atty Gen. 462

Cross Reference:  Rule 404.2a Guidelines for Student Teaching Placements in Lewis Central
Rule 404.2b Lewis Central Future Teacher Scholarship

Adopted:  01/20/86
Modified:  03/22/21
Reviewed:  03/01/21

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