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401.23 Transporting of Students by Employees

Transportation of all students shall be in a motor vehicle owned by the school district and driven by a school employee. This policy statement applies to the transportation of students for all school purposes not just the regular bus route to and from their designated attendance center.

Under extreme emergencies, a school employee may transport students in their own vehicle. The Superintendent or designee shall grant written permission before the event happens. When driving own vehicle it is understood, regarding insurance issues, the individual’s insurance will provide primary coverage while the school’s insurance remains secondary.

Parents, students, and/or community members shall not drive school owned vehicles.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code §§ 285; 321 (1993).

Cross Reference:  Series 702 Transportation

Adopted:  12/13/93
Modified:  03/01/21
Reviewed:  02/15/21

  • Series 400 Staff Personnel