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401.12 Employee Use of Cell Phones

The use of cell phones and other communication devices may be appropriate to provide for the effective and efficient operation of the school district and to help ensure safety and security of people and property while on school district property or engaged in school sponsored activities.

The Board authorizes the purchase and employee use of cell phones as deemed appropriate by the superintendent. School district owned cell phones shall be used for authorized school district business purposes, consistent with the school district’s mission and goals.

Use of cell phones in violation of board policies, administrative regulations, and/or state/federal laws will result in discipline, up to and including dismissal, and referral to law enforcement officials, as appropriate.

The superintendent is directed to develop administrative regulations for the implementation of this policy, including a uniform and controlled system for identifying employee cell phone needs, monitoring use and reimbursement. Provisions may also be included for staff use of privately owned cell phone for authorized school district business.

Employees may possess and use cell phones during the school day as outlined in this policy and as provided in the administrative regulation developed by the superintendent. Employees should not use cell phones for personal business while on-duty, including staff development times, parent-teacher conferences, etc., except in the case of an emergency or during prep time or break/lunch times. Employees, except for bus drivers, see below, are prohibited from using cell phones while driving except in the case of an emergency and any such use must comply with applicable state and federal law and district policies and regulations.

Cell phones are not to be used for conversations involving confidential student or employee information. School district-provided cell phones devices are not to be loaned to others.

School bus drivers are prohibited from using any communication device while operating the bus except in the case of an emergency, or to call for assistance, after the vehicle has been stopped. Any such use must comply with applicable state and federal law and district policies and regulations.

Cell Phone Allowance for districts who utilize an allowance rather than supply district-owned devices

Certain positions within the district may require the regular use of cell phones to conduct district business. These employees may purchase and/or maintain cell phones and related equipment, at their own expense, to make themselves accessible to the district and to conduct district business more efficiently. The superintendent has discretion to determine which district positions qualify for a cell phone allowance. The monthly cell phone allowance amount shall be established by the superintendent and/or the board. Employees who utilize their personal cell phones shall do so in accordance with this policy and accompanying procedures. The cell phone allowance is neither permanent nor guaranteed. The district reserves the right to rescind the allowance at any time for a violation of district policy or regulation or for any other reason.

Employees violating the policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including, discharge. It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

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Cross References:  406 Licensed Employee Compensation and Benefits
412 Classified Employee Compensation and Benefits
707.5 Internal Controls

Modified:  03/01/21
Reviewed:  02/15/21

  • Series 400 Staff Personnel