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300 Role of School District Administration

In this series of the board policy manual, the board defines the role and the employment of school district administrators. Policies in the 400 Series, "Employees," also apply to administrators unless a more specific policy exists in the 300 Series, "Administration."

School district administrators have been given a great opportunity and responsibility to manage the school district, to provide educational leadership, and to implement the educational philosophy of the school district. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school district. In carrying out these operations, the administrators are guided by board policies, the law, the needs of the students, and the wishes of the citizens in the school district community.

It is the responsibility of the administrators to implement and enforce the policies of the board, to oversee employees, to monitor educational issues confronting the school district, and to inform the board about school district operations.

While the board holds the superintendent ultimately responsible for these duties, the principals are more directly responsible for educational results, for the administration of the school facilities and for the employees.

The board and the administration will work together to share information and decisions under the management team concept.

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Adopted:  12/21/20
Reviewed:  12/07/20

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