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213.1 Public Complaints

The board recognizes situations may arise in the operation of the school district which are of concern to parents and other members of the school district community.

The board firmly believes concerns should be resolved at the lowest organizational level by those individuals closest to the concern. Whenever a complaint or concern is brought to the attention of the board it will be referred to the administration to be resolved. Prior to board action however, the following should be completed:
(a) Matters should first be addressed to the teacher or employee.
(b) Unsettled matters from (a) above or problems and questions about individual attendance centers should be addressed to the employee's building principal.
(c) Unsettled matters from (b) above or problems and questions concerning the school district should be directed to the superintendent.
(d) If a matter cannot be settled satisfactorily by the superintendent, it may then be brought to the board for consideration. To bring a concern, the individual shall notify the board president or board secretary in writing, who may bring it to the attention of the entire board.

Parents, guardians and community members of the district who have concerns about the district or the board may refer to the student handbook for additional guidance from the Iowa Department of Education.

It is within the discretion of the board to address complaints from the members of the school district community, and the board will only consider whether to address complaints if they are in writing, signed, and the complainant has complied with this policy. The board is not obligated to address a complaint and may defer to the decision of the superintendent. If the board elects not to address a complaint, the decision of the superintendent shall be final. If the board does elect to address a complaint, its decision shall be final.

Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 279.8.

Cross Reference: 204.10 Order of Regular Meetings Policy 505.5 Resolution Student Concerns
210.8 Board Meeting Agenda
401.20 Public Complaints about Employees

Adopted:  Unknown
Modified:  08/02/21
Reviewed:  11/02/20

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