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210.E1 Order of Regular Meetings

The order at all meetings insofar as practicable, except as otherwise directed by the Board or by its President when not objected to shall be as follows:

1.  Call to Order - Roll Call
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Commendations
4.  Comments and Suggestions from Audience
5.  Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes Financial Reports
Statement of Revenue & Expenses
Statement of Cash Balances
Summary of Fund Balances (Other than General Fund)
Bills Recommended for Payment
Administrative Recommendations - Personnel
6.  Reports
7.  Discussion Items
8.  Comments and Suggestions from Audience
9.  Action Items
10.  Information/Future Items
11.  Adjournment

The tentative agenda, required by the Open Meetings Law to be included with the notice given at least 24 hours before the meeting, shall be specific enough to properly inform the public of the business before the Board. The tentative agenda can be amended within the 24-hour notice period only if good cause exists requiring action on additional matters. If such matters are added, a statement to that effect should be entered in the minutes, and as much advance notice as possible should be given to the public and the media. This is not meant to prevent the Board or members of the public or the staff from introducing items for discussion only; action on discussion items, however, must normally be deferred to a subsequent meeting when the legally required notice can be given.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code Chapter 21 (1993).

Cross Reference:
210 Board of Directors Meetings
210.8 Agenda
213.1 Public Complaints
215.1E1 Board of Directors' Minutes and Records 

Adopted:  Unknown
Modified:  11/16/20
Reviewed: 11/02/20

  • Series 200 Board of Directors