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202.6 Individual Board Members

Authority rests with the Board in legal session, and not with individual members of the Board, except as authorized by specific Board action or by statute. Each board member shall function at all times as part of a legislative body and shall meet the legal responsibilities of a trustee of public education.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code 279.8, 274.7
School District of Soldier Tp., Crawford Co. v. Moeller, 247 Iowa 239, 73 N.W. 2d 43
Beers v. Lasher, 209 Iowa 1158, 229 N.W. 821
Andrew v. Stuart Savings Bank, 204 Iowa 570, 215 N.W. 807

Cross Reference:
Policy 204 Code of Ethics
Policy 210.2 Regular Meeting

Adopted:  11/21/88
Modified:  11/02/20
Reviewed:  10/19/20

  • Series 200 Board of Directors