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PowerSchool is the web-based Student Information System (SIS) that Lewis Central uses for attendance, report cards, state reporting and other student related tasks. PowerSchool allows the district to meet accountability requirements, while increasing the family involvement and teacher attention that help to ensure student success.

PowerSchool makes our job of reporting to state and federal government much easier, allowing us to keep our focus on the student. But perhaps the more important benefits are the opportunities PowerSchool creates for increased parental involvement. With PowerSchool, parents and students have password-protected access to grades, attendance, activities, homework assignments and more, from any Internet connection.

One of the key features of PowerSchool is the parent portal. This allows parents or (guardians) and students to view grades, homework assignments, attendance, and other school related information from any Internet connection. The District's goal is to increase parental involvement and provide another channel of communications. Students will benefit as well by accessing grades, assignments, and class related information. 

In order to use PowerSchool parents need an Internet connection. This is not provided by the District. Parents will also need to obtain an account that includes a username and password specific for each child. A Request for Parental Access to PowerSchool form can be downloaded by clicking here or can be picked up at the school office where your student is enrolled. If you have more than one student you will need to complete a separate request form and receive a separate password for each student.

To protect the confidentiality of student's information we will not give out account information over the phone, through e-mail or U.S. mail. Parents must come to the office where their student is enrolled during regular school hours and complete the application process for access to PowerSchool. A photo ID such as a driver’s license will be required.