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Student lockers are the property of the school district. Students shall use the lockers assigned to them by the school district for storing their school materials and personal belongings necessary for attendance at school. It shall be the responsibility of students to keep their assigned lockers clean and undamaged.

The Lewis Central Community School District has adopted changes to its Search and Seizure and Student Lockers policies. These changes are consistent with Chapter 808A of the Iowa Code, the Iowa Constitution, and the United States Constitution. These changes allow school officials (meaning licensed school employees and unlicensed school employees employed for security or supervision purposes) to conduct periodic inspections of all or a randomly selected number of school lockers without prior notice.

Any periodic inspection of lockers pursuant to District policy shall only occur either in the presence of the student(s) whose lockers are being inspected or in the presence of at least one other person. A locker inspection may be accomplished using such methods including, but not limited to, a visual search of lockers by school officials or the use, by school officials or others hired at their direction, or a drug sniffing animal.

Policy 502.11 Student Lockers
Policy 502.8 Search and Seizure