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The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) was introduced in 1986 and was designed to determine the extent of asbestos in school buildings and to act as a guide in formulating asbestos management policies for schools.

The High School, completed in 2001, was built using asbestos free building materials. The Middle School renovation project started with asbestos abatement in 2002 and is now, asbestos free. Titan Hill was inspected and found clear of asbestos. Kreft Primary is still under the asbestos management plan. With future renovation plans, this facility could become asbestos free in the future.

The District asbestos management plan is in place to monitor containing low risk levels of asbestos. The asbestos management plan is located in each building office and at the Operations Building, 1600 E.S. Omaha Bridge Road, Council Bluffs, Iowa. For additional information detailing the Lewis Central Community School Building’s management plan, contact the Director of Operations at (712) 366-8243.