Blocking and Unblocking Websites

Below is the process for requesting that a website be blocked or unblocked, as developed by the Lewis Central District Technology Team:

  1. Submit a help desk ticket with:
    1. The link to the specific website you want blocked or unblocked. Please state whether you want it blocked or unblocked and who should be able to see the website, if anyone (Students? Or just staff?).
    2. State the educational reason why you feel the website should be blocked or unblocked. If you do not communicate this and the educational rationale is not blatantly obvious, you will be emailed and asked to share your rationale. 
    3. If you only want the website blocked or unblocked for a specific amount of time (i.e., the length of a unit), please indicate the specific dates.
  2. The help desk ticket will be assigned to Josh Allen. If the content of the website is questionable, he will consult with the principal(s) of the building from which the request came. Doing so will keep principals aware in case a parent calls to question why a website has been blocked or unblocked.
  3. If your request to get a website blocked or unblocked is denied by Josh, you may consult with your principal. If the principal agrees that your request should have been granted, the principal will meet with Josh for further discussions on the topic.
  4. If a student would like a website unblocked, they need to consult with the teacher for whose class they need the website and have that teacher submit the help desk ticket. If teachers would like a resource for students to fill out prior to submitting a help desk ticket, they are welcome to use this PDF form.
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