Policy 605.11 Concurrent Enrollment

POLICY 605.11

Concurrent Enrollment

The concurrent enrollment program promotes rigorous academic or career technical education (CTE) pursuits by providing opportunities for high school students to enroll part-time in eligible nonsectarian courses at or through community colleges.

Concurrent enrollment courses at Lewis Central are offered through a contractual agreement between Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) and the district. Through the program, IWCC courses are offered to high school students in grades nine through twelve. The classes are college classes — even if they are held in a school district classroom. During the time of the concurrent enrollment course, the site acts as a satellite location of the college. The instructor may be a community college instructor or a high school instructor employed by the contracted district who meets state and college faculty standards and requirements.

Notice of the availability of the program shall be included in the student registration handbook, and the handbook shall identify which courses, if successfully completed, generate college credit under the program. A student and the student’s parent or guardian shall also be made aware of this program as part of the development of the student’s core curriculum plan (i.e., eighth grade plan).

If IWCC accepts a student for enrollment under concurrent enrollment, the school district, in collaboration with the college, shall send written notice to the student, the student’s parent or guardian in the case of a minor child, and the student’s school district. The notice shall list the course, the clock hours the student will be attending the course, and the number of hours of college credit that the student will receive from the college upon successful completion of the course.

No student shall be enrolled in 24 or more credit hours of college courses delivered through concurrent enrollment per academic year (or the equivalent), excluding any summer term, at any one postsecondary institution.

A student enrolled in an accredited nonpublic school within the district boundaries who meets all eligibility requirements may apply to take courses under this program, provided that neither the accredited nonpublic school nor the district offers a comparable course.

A student receiving competent private instruction (CPI) may access the program through the school district through CPI dual enrollment and may enroll in the same number of concurrent enrollment courses as a regularly enrolled student of the district.

The school board shall annually approve courses to be made available for concurrent enrollment. Successful completion of an approved concurrent enrollment course generates high school credit and applies toward district subject area and graduation requirements. Students shall not “audit” a concurrent enrollment course; the student must take the course for college credit.

Transportation to and from the community college is the obligation of the student and the student’s parent or guardian.

For concurrently enrolled students, textbooks will be provided to students in the same way as the district provides textbooks for other courses.

The district shall annually negotiate an agreement with the community college that includes:
• Rate of tuition for courses offered on the IWCC Campus
• Rate of tuition for courses offered on the LC campus through LC instructors.
• Rate of tuition for courses offered on the LC campus through IWCC instructors.
• List of approved courses offered for concurrent enrollment
• Textbook arrangements and payment arrangements for tools or equipment required for concurrent enrollment courses. (Neither the district nor the college may require that students provide their own tools or equipment.)

The superintendent, or his/her designee, shall be responsible for developing the appropriate forms and procedures for implementing this policy.

Adopted: 12/17/18
Reviewed: 12/03/18

Legal: Iowa Code Section 279.61
281—IAC 22.11(3)
Iowa Code 261E.8(5)
Iowa Code chapter 301
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