Swimming Lesson Curriculum


LEVEL I- INTRODUCTION TO THE WATER- This swimming class is an introduction to the water for young children that have never had swim lessons, may have a fear of the water and are not tall enough to touch the bottom of our 3 ½ ft. shallow end of the pool .

Prerequisite: 3 years of age

LEVEL II- BEGINNING SWIMMMING SKILLS- This class is a beginning class for teaching swimmers independent locomotive & survival swimming skills on their front and back.

Prerequisite: Children in this class should be at least 5 years old; should be able to stand and play in the shallow end of our pool (3 ½ ft.) and not have a fear of submerging but cannot yet swim independently on front or back.

LEVEL III- SWIMMING READINESS- This class is for children that are ready to learn the fundamentals of swimming independently. Children will learn the techniques to swimming the front crawl (freestyle) with a rhythmic breathing pattern, the competitive backstroke and the elementary backstroke. Children will also learn some survival skills such as treading water and floating on their front and back.

Prerequisite: The swimmer must be able to swim independently for 15 feet on their front and back. They must also be able to independently tread water and float in deep water for at least 10 seconds.

LEVEL IV- STROKE DEVELOPMENT- This class is designed to improve the swimmers endurance in the Front Crawl (Freestyle) and the Backstroke as well as some advanced survival skills. This class will also introduce and develop the techniques needed to correctly preform the breaststroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke and the butterfly.

The swimmer must be able to swim front crawl (freestyle) for 15 yards with a rhythmic breathing pattern and swim 15 yards of backstroke. They must also be able to comfortably tread water and to float on their back for least 30 seconds in deep water.

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