October 18, 2016

Try This......
It is critical to engage ELL's in academic conversations in the core classroom.  
If you have time please watch this six minute video.  It features three different teachers and the ways that they make academic language accessible to the ELL's in their classrooms.  
Watch how these teachers prompt language and validate the oral language production of the ELL in the classroom through extra time, support and positive reinforcement. The  ELL's are much more willing to take risks with English because they are coached in this way by their teachers.

Did you know.........
What is with all of the acronyms?  Here are a few of them explained...... 
ELL's stands for English Language Learner.  This is used when speaking about the student.
EL's stands for English Learner.  This is used when speaking about the student.
ESL stands for English as a Second Language.  This is used when speaking about a program type.
L1 refers to the student's first language/home language
L2 refers to the student's second language.
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