October 28, 2016

Try This......
Peer-to-peer tutoring is so valuable to the English language learner.   Student collaboration in general is an excellent way for ELL's to learn because their peers offer a variety of powerful ways to explain information that one teacher can not do.  Project-based learning with student collaboration is one of the best ways for an ELL to experience language while also learning content.  
If you have four minutes to spare this weekend or next week, please watch this short video by Milton Chen on the power of student collaboration for ELL's.
Did you know.........

Did you know that if a student is not speaking or producing any written English in your classroom, they are still building their receptive vocabulary/language in English?
Receptive English skills are reading and listening skills in English.
Productive English skills are speaking and writing skills in English. 
Just by listening and watching you, the ELL is learning English.  He/she may understand much more than he/she can produce.  This is very normal.  
Also note:  Some students will not speak at all for several months when they are learning a second language.  This is called a Silent period, and again, it is very normal.
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