LCLC Policies and Procedures

Enrollment in the before and after school program constitutes an understanding that you will abide by the following policies.


The program’s salaries, supplies, and administrative expenses are supported entirely by fees collected from the attending families of LCLC.  The Lewis Central Community School District provides the space, utilities, and custodial services as an in-kind donation to the program.  Fees are as follows:

BEFORE SCHOOL:  $5.00/day

AFTER SCHOOL:  $5.50/day


FULL DAY:  $20.00/day

(Full day-Breakfast, am snack, lunch and pm snack are provided.)

  1. Registration and enrollment fees are non-refundable.
  2. Tuition payments are due the first school day of the week.  Children must attend three sessions per week to remain enrolled in the program.  Monies not used will be applied as a credit toward the next week of childcare services.
  3. Any family account two (2) consecutive weeks past due without payment, will result in family being suspended until arrangements have been made to bring account current.
  4. Non-sufficient fund checks are held until a cash payment or money order is received by the program to cover the amount of the check.  Parents will pay a $20.00 charge for the NSF check.  Parents will be notified immediately upon the receipt of the NSF notice, and shall have two (2) days in which to pay the charge and tuition in full by cash equivalent.  If not paid by the end of the second day after notice, childcare services will be suspended immediately.  If the tuition and charge is not paid by the end of the first full week after notice, the child will be discharged from the program and collection activity will be pursued.
  5. LCLC has adopted a sign in/out policy. This policy requires parents to sign each child in and out each morning and afternoon.  This policy is in compliance with the Dept. of Human Services.  It helps us to be accountable to the whereabouts of the children, and to know how many people to staff for any given day.  
You will be charged for all days that your child is enrolled, unless different arrangements are made prior to the beginning of the am or pm session, as we are paying staff to be at the center to ensure proper care for your child or children.

****SNOW DAYS-In the event that we have a Snow Day, you are encouraged to watch the local TV & Radio stations to check for our status.  LCLC is NOT open on days that Lewis Central Comm. Schools are Closed for inclement weather.  This is up to the discretion of the Superintendent of Lewis Central Schools and the Program Director of LCLC.

Written guidelines for power failure, bomb threats, chemical spills, earthquakes, and other disasters are available in the district policy and procedure manual.

The center is closed on:  New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Day after, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  (If it falls on a Saturday or Sunday we will close either the proceeding Friday or the following Monday.)


The program will provide tax information for childcare expenses for the previous year along with the Tax Identification Number for the Childcare Expenses Form.


It is the goal of LCLC to provide a supportive environment in which children can grow and develop.  Positive guidance management methods are used in the program.

Our center’s philosophy is that children can participate in activities without disruptive behavior from another child or intrusion into their personal space. Realistically, we know that there will be conflicts between children and acting out behaviors by some children.  Any discipline is done with the intention of guiding children to better understand appropriate behavior when interacting with others.  Not only does the discipline and guidance policy comply with our licensing, it allows children, parents and staff to be aware of what to expect.

Our form of discipline and guidance may include the staff:

  1. Distracting the child by calling attention to another activity which is more suitable, when the child is doing something unacceptable.
  2. Redirecting the child by removing the materials while saying and substituting another appropriate toy.
  3. Ignoring some undesirable behavior, in some situations.
  4. Using natural or logical consequences which are connected to the child’s behavior and teach responsible behavior.
  5. Providing a positive environment by setting a good example, role modeling, and imitating how we want something done, so the child will begin to understand that there are reasons for doing things a certain way.
  6. Providing a variety of equipment and activities for the children.
  7. Encouraging children to work out their problems by talking to each other.  Staff will monitor the children’s discussion of the conflict and guide them to reach their own conclusions.
  8. Making use of a time-out chair only when all other steps have been taken and the behavior is disruptive, interferes with the other processes or causes potential harm to self or someone else.   The time spent in time-out will meet a minimum of one minute, to not more than one minute per age of the child.
  9. Touching your child’s arm, take them by the hand, pick them up, hold them, restrain them, or remove them, depending on the behavior.  Staff will be able to observe your child at all times, even if your child needs to be separated from the group.
  10. Bringing the child to the office to speak to the Director or the Site Director.
  11. Writing a behavior incident report.

Discipline will not be administered through corporal punishment, humiliation, scare tactics, verbal abuse, or threatening or denying of food.  Staff are expected to use professional attitudes at all times.


Children are entitled to a pleasant and harmonious environment at LCLC.  Our program cannot serve children who display chronically disruptive behavior.

Chronically disruptive behavior is defined as verbal or physical activity which may include, but is not limited to such behavior that:  requires constant attention from the staff, inflicts physical or emotional harm to other children, abuses the staff, and ignores or disobeys the rules which guide behavior during the school day and program time.  If a child cannot adjust to the rules of the program setting and show appropriate behavior, then the child will be discharged.

If a child receives 3 incident reports in one trimester the child will be suspended for one week.  If the child receives 4 reports the child will be suspended for 2 weeks and if the child receives 5 reports then the child will be suspended for the rest of the trimester.  If a child bites another child or adult, that child will be suspended for the following 3 program days.

A child may be discharged if he/she is picked up late three times as discussed in the late pick-up section.

A child may be discharged for non-payment of fee, as discussed in the fee section.


Parents are welcome to visit the childcare center anytime throughout the day.  Parents must be careful about promising to visit unless you are sure that you will be able to come.  Children become vary disappointed if their parents are unable to follow through with their promises.

We strongly encourage parents to talk to the Site Director anytime a question or concern arises regarding their child or the care the center is providing.  This will provide on opportunity for parents and providers to communicate and establish goals for the child.  Employees and parents who work together create a more positive and successful experience for the children.

Your ideas, input, suggestions and participation will help to develop a worthwhile childcare center.  Your involvement is encouraged and will only serve to enhance the program.  Parents should feel free to call the site at any time to see how their child is doing.  You may call us at 712-366-8301.  Our voice mail will take messages when we are not available, but we will check these throughout the day and will return the call as soon as possible.  You may also contact the Program Director by leaving a digital page at 712-579-3877


Our program would not run without a loving, caring, and competent staff.  Employees are chosen on their ability to nurture children’s individual needs.  Employees of Lewis Central Lucky Children are required to have at least ten approved staff development hours each year.  Our staff consists of full and part-time care givers.  A STAFF CERTIFIED IN ADULT-INFANT-CHILD, CPR and FIRST AID WILL BE ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES. 

Additional training may include-

  • Child Abuse Reporting Procedures
  • Universal Precautions
  • Development of the School-Age child
  • Recognizing and Addressing Misbehavior
  • Programming/Lesson Planning
  • Communicating with Parent and Child

Lewis Central Lucky Children monitors program quality within the facility.  Two key factors instrumental in maintaining quality control include careful selection of staff and supervision with a follow up evaluation.  The major emphasis of LCLC is to provide quality childcare through the use of quality people.


Staff scheduling is directly related to the number of children enrolled to attend each day.  In order to maintain the required state licensed ratio, your child’s attendance or absence needs to be planned for.  Please be certain to notify the Site Director if your child’s schedule changes.  There is a three session minimum attendance required for enrollment with LCLC.  This is due to the supply and demand of our program.  We cannot hold a position for your child if they only wish to attend on an occasional drop-in basis. Re-enrollment each year is required to secure a position for the following school year.

Children who are scheduled to attend LCLC after school will be accounted for when attendance is taken.  If a child is not accounted for, the staff will begin to make calls to find that child.  LCLC cannot emphasize enough how important it is that the parents keep the program informed of schedule changes.

Calls for children not accounted for will only occur in the p.m.  session of a regular day.  A parent must accompany the child to the center for the a.m.  and full day sessions.



  • Arrival of children, small group discussion, listen to music, centers, or read stories.
  • Large group.  Children make choices and discuss plans for the day, and upcoming events.
  • Kreft kids are escorted for departure to school on transfer buses.
  • Titan Hill children are taken to breakfast.
  • Titan Hill children are dismissed for school.


  • Arrival of the Titan Hill children (3:40pm) Children are checked in and accounted for.  Children will then get settled with all belongings.
  • Kreft Children arrive (4:00pm) Children riding the transfer bus, will be accounted for as they exit the bus.
  • Wash hands and prepare for afternoon snack
  • Planned group play.  Children are divided into age appropriate groups and have an assigned staff member that plans activities for children.
  • Self-selected activities.  Children are brought together into one group.  Children may suggest ideas for the group to enjoy either as a whole group, or in several small groups.


A late fee will be assessed when children are not picked up from LCLC by closing.  The parent will be responsible for paying $1.00 per minute per child for late pick-ups.  This fee is due to the childcare provider who provided care in your absence.  This fee must be paid before your child may return to the center.  If a child is picked up late 3 times in one semester, that child may be suspended from the program.


We will be open on full days at Titan Hill School.  On full days of LCLC, children, we will provide an a.m. and p.m. snack, as well as breakfast and lunch.


When a field trip is planned, we will communicate this to our parents.  Permission slips will be signed and kept in the child’s file.  Parents are always invited to attend any of our field trips and are encouraged to share this adventure with the family.  LCLC uses the Lewis Central Bus Systems to provide our transportation.  All children in the center the day of the field trip must attend the field trip.  No staff is left behind to care for children who do not wish to attend.  If you do not want your child to go on a trip you must make alternate daycare plans for your child during the time of our trip. 

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE:  Parents must sign their child in and out of LCLC each day!!!  We may not dismiss any child on his/her own without prior approval from the parent and/or guardian.  Staff will follow up on all requests to ensure the safety of your child, and confirm the wishes of the parent.


When to keep a child home:

If he/she have any of the following symptoms:
  • Upset stomach (diarrhea or vomiting within the last 24 hours)
  • Unusual cough
  • Complain of unusual pain
  • Rashes or skin sores
  • Suspected impetigo, scabies, or ringworm
  • Fever within the last 24 hours
  • Headlice-includes nits
  • Pink Eye
  • Persistent Sore Throat

If he/she has been exposed to a communicable disease and upon observation by the parent indicates any sign of disease.  He/she is to remain home until a Doctors release is obtained.

To prevent spreading please contact the director if your child is absent from the center with any of these symptoms.

If a child develops a fever of 101 while at the center, the parent will be asked to remove the child ASAP.

Under emergency circumstances if a child is injured while at the center, he/she may be transported to the hospital by a staff member, in serious circumstances 911 may be called for transport, and the parents notified.

In the event of a dental emergency, the parent will be contacted, if the parent cannot be reached, the child will be taken to the dentist listed in their file.  If a child has lost a permanent tooth it will be placed in milk until the child is taken to the dentist.


Medication will be given to a child provided a parent completes a signed request stipulation explicit instructions on the administration of the prescribed drug.  The medicine must have the original label as prescribed by the doctor.  Medications will be kept away from the children and locked up at all times.  This will be documented and kept on file for a period of no less than 3 years.  Over the counter medications will be given only with the permission of the parent.


Drills will be conducted regularly during the year.  By regulation, we are required to have one fire and one tornado drill per month.  Evacuation procedures will be explained and posted throughout the site.  Children’s safety is the number one priority of the LCLC.


When we have a full day, each child will participate in a rest period.  This does not mean a nap.  Children will be involved in a cool down activity such as reading, listening to music or stories, or completing puzzles.  This period will allow children an opportunity to slow down, rebuild, and renew energy.

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