LCLC Registration and Enrollment Procedures

The staff of Lewis Central Lucky Children Childcare Center encourages children of all backgrounds to attend the center with us.  The center does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, national origin, ethnic background or financial class.


The parent of guardian must complete and return the registration packet with a $10.00 registration fee.  The registration fee is non – refundable.  You may return by mail to 4125 Harry Langdon Blvd. Council Bluffs, IA 51503


A child may be registered into the program at any time when there is an available spot open.  The child or children must be a student within the Lewis Central School District and in grades Kindergarten to 5th.  If LCLC is full, we will provide a waiting list for prospective students.


Parents who wish to enroll their children into the program are responsible for:

1.)  Completing and returning the registration packet in its entirety.

2.)  Paying the $10.00 non – refundable registration fee and one week’s tuition.

No child will be allowed to attend the program until all required paperwork is turned in and registration fees are paid.  Parents are responsible for providing all of the information requested in the registration packet.  The staff at LCLC cannot obtain the information for the parent.


  1. Make Contact-speak with either the Site Director or the Program Director to ask about LCLC and your child’s needs.
  2. Visit the center- Schedule a visit with either the Site Director or the Program Director to tour the child care center and discuss questions, concerns, and policies.
  3. Complete all registration forms-ALL of this information must be on file before any child is permitted to attend the center.
  4. Make a commitment-Provided LCLC has space for your family’s needs, prepare to attend the center a least 3 sessions per week.
  5. Provide payment-once a payment schedule is set, you are expected to honor accumulated fees.  There is a $10.00 registration fee for the first child and $5.00 registration fee for every child there after.  This is due at the beginning of each school year and is non refundable.
  6. Make contact again-Speak with either the Site or Program Director to ensure all registration requirements have been met.  Give your attendance and payment schedule to your child’s teacher and the transportation department.

Parents may expect:

  1. Their children are cared for in a safe, supportive environment.
  2. They may visit with the Site Director about any concerns related to their child or the program.
  3. They will be told about the behavior and/or misbehavior of their child.  They will be invited to visit with the Site Director to discuss potential solutions to help the child avoid future problems.
  4. They will be informed promptly if their child does not arrive at the center according to his/her enrollment information.

LCLC expects that parents will:

  1. Pay fees on time as explained in the enrollment packet.
  2. Keep the child’s records up to date.
  3. Pick up the child on time as explained in the enrollment packet.
  4. Follow the health policy as outlined in the enrollment packet.
  5. Contact the center if the child will not be attending on a scheduled day.
  6. Pay attention to any communications from the Site Director regarding the daily operation of the center and your family
  7. Highlight your child’s attendance in accordance with the highlighting policy.
  8. Stay up to date by checking your mailbox and reading the parent board daily.

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately, as all students will go outside everyday in compliance with the school’s policy. If the wind chill is higher than 0 degrees, all children will be expected to be able to participate if outside activities are planned for that day.

There will be a designated area for your child’s personal items.  However, LCLC does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen items.  We strongly suggest you limit what child brings.  LEAVE ALL MONEY AND VALUABLES AT HOME!

The program expects that children will:

  1. Be responsible for their actions.
  2. Respect the school’s rules that guide them through the day and while at LCLC.
  3. Remain with the group and childcare staff at all times.
  4. Take care of materials and equipment properly and return them to their place when finished.
  5. Follow all bus rules and regulations.

Children may expect:

  1. To have a safe, supportive, and consistent environment.
  2. To use all of the program equipment, materials, and facilities on an equal basis.
  3. To receive respectful treatment.
  4. To have discipline that is fair and non-punitive.
  5. To receive nurturing care from the staff members who are actively involved with them.
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