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257.44 Gifted and talented children defined by Iowa Code.

     "Gifted and talented children" are those identified as possessing outstanding abilities who are capable of high performance.  Gifted and talented children are children who require appropriate instruction and educational services commensurate with their abilities and needs beyond those provided by the regular school program.
    Gifted and talented children include those children with demonstrated achievement or potential ability, or both, in any of the following areas or in combination:
    1.  General intellectual ability
    2.  Creative thinking
    3.  Leadership ability
    4.  Visual and performing arts ability
    5.  Specific ability aptitude

Iowa allows each school district to identify which of these five areas on which to focus.  

At Lewis Central, the TAG program focuses on general intellectual ability and specific ability aptitude.

    1.  Identified gifted students receive ongoing, differentiated services in the classroom.
    2.  Building and district staff development supports differentiated instruction.
    3.  TAG strategists collaborate with classroom teachers to meet student needs through curricular modifications.
    4.  TAG strategists may also provide direct instruction.

Strand of Service
    The core of this program model is a shared responsibility that better meets the unique needs of the gifted learner.  A type and degree of exceptional ability is determined.  Ability as well as opportunity and interest are areas where accommodations may occur.

    All students participate in classroom instructional activities.  Inclusive programming promotes an enriched learning environment.  Exposure to a variety of experiences piques student interest in specific fields of study.
    The TAG program sponsors additional opportunities that are open to all students.  Unique abilities and interest emerging during the Inclusive Strand may lead to consideration for participation in the Selective Strand.

    Selective programming addresses the areas of student strengths, interests, and creativity.  Collaboration between the classroom teacher and the TAG strategist provide differentiated learning opportunities inside and/or outside of the classroom setting.  

    Highly selective programming addresses areas of exceptional academic strengths.  TAG strategists work with the classroom teachers, parents, and students to develop a differentiated learning plan.  The plan may include classroom modifications as well as direct instruction by a TAG strategist.

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