Policy 1004.13 - Community Use of School Facilities


All established local civic, religious, fraternal, patriotic, and community welfare organizations, including any individual or group interested in promoting cultural, educational or recreational activities are eligible to use Lewis Central Community School District facilities, providing the activities conducted or to be conducted are not contrary to public interest, as determined by the Board of Directors or as provided by law when such use of school facilities and equipment will not interfere with the operation of school activities and is economically feasible.

1) Activities officially sponsored by Lewis Central Community School District will in all cases take precedence in the use of school facilities, buildings, equipment, and grounds.

2) Each request will be evaluated with regard to established Board policies, regulations, and procedures. A permit will not be granted for any facility use application which in the judgment of the Lewis Central Community School District, may be in any way prejudicial to the best interests of the school or the educational system.

3) The general policies governing the scheduling and use of school facilities will apply on requests for Sunday use.

The school district will permit scheduling of activities in school buildings on Wednesday nights (after 6:00 p.m.) and on Sunday.

4. Steps will be taken to avoid scheduling conflicts, but should such a conflict occur efforts will be made to find another suitable location.

5) The Superintendent’s Office reserves the right to modify, deny, cancel or revoke any or all facility use applications or permits with or without due notice for any reason and at any time. In the event the Superintendent’s Office must make a cancellation any monetary fees paid prior to the event/activity would be refunded to the applicant/group sponsor.

6) All groups using the District’s facilities, must abide by local, state, federal, and school rules and regulations.

The use of the District’s facilities shall be for community purposes or the promotion of community activities and that program shall have an educational, recreational, or cultural value without prejudice. The permission to use District facilities does not in any way imply or infer any endorsement of the user by the District.

Modified: 08/20/07;
Reviewed: 08/06/07; 10/06/08; 03/04/13; 11/05/18

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Cross Reference: 704 Revenue

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