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On Monday, June 6, 2023, the Lewis Central Community School District Board of Education voted to request a referendum on the issuance of $90 million in general obligations school bonds. 

Lewis Central strives to provide the best educational experience for students. We are committed to working with our community to help Inspire Excellence in every child that walks through our doors. This webpage will provide further details into how we would utilize the requested funds to accomplish those goals. We strongly encourage participation in the public forums that will take place leading up to Election Day on November 7, 2023. Those dates will be posted here and on our social media channels as they are scheduled.

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Total Bond Scope - $90,000,000

Two Votes

On November 7, there will be two votes associated with this project.

This first will allow Lewis Central to borrow an amount not to exceed $90 million.

The second will allow Lewis Central to raise the levy no higher than $4.05 in order to pay for the $90 million (current estimation provides no more than a $3.60 levy to raise the $90 million).

Click here to read the full ballot language.

How do our current taxes compare?

LC taxes compared to local districts
Graph showing a comparison of local taxes
LC taxes compared to similar sized districts
Graph showing tax rates of schools similar to LC
20 Year tax rate at LC
With approval of the $90 million bond, the District's estimated tax levy will be about $13.80, still significantly below most local and similarly-sized schools.

Informational Meetings

Additional locations and dates to be announced.

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