January 7, 2019

January 7, 2019 Board Minutes
Posted on 01/09/2019

Un-Official Minutes

Call to Order: Board President Dorene Scheffel called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 pm. At roll call, the following board members responded as present: Ms. Adkins, Mr. Hendrix, Mrs. McDaniel, Mr. Portrey, Mr. Stoufer, Mr. Weilage and Mrs. Scheffel.

Administrators: Dr. Mark Schweer, Dave Black and Dale Kreher

Guest in attendance: Jennifer Lee and Ryan Lee

Approve Agenda: Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Mr. Weilage, that the agenda be approved as presented. Discussion: None Carried: 7-0

Commendations/Good News:
• Dave Black shared a video from College Career Readiness where Kellie Bergman was interviewed on how content knowledge impacts her on a daily basis in her career.

Comments & Suggestions: None

Consent Agenda: Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Ms. Adkins, that the consent agenda be approved as presented. Discussion: The Consent Agenda included approval of minutes – December 17, 2018 Regular Board Meeting. Administrative Recommendations: Licensed – Approval to Employ: Amanda Stevenson – Temp. TH PT Music. Classified Approval to Employ: Cynthia Kelly – TRN Bus Driver. Licensed – Resignations – Barbara Grell – KR Building Administrator, Timothy Means – MS Associate Building Administrator. Classified Resignations/Terminations – Lorry Potter – KR Nutrition Services, Tracy Blocks – TRN Bus Driver, Stanley Pietrzak – TRN Bus Driver, Shirley Richey – TRN Bus Monitor. Classified Transfers/Promotions – Steve Davidson – MS PT Custodian to TH FT Custodian. Miscellaneous Contracts: BPA Fundraiser. Carried: 7 – 0

• ESSA Accountability Standards – Dave Black shared with the Board an overview of the new ESSA Accountability Standards. ESSA requires states to identify schools that need the most support, for the purpose of ensuring students have the same opportunities for success that exist for students in other schools. Iowa’s system is designed to support schools, not punish them. Schools will be identified for support and improvement every three years based on their performance on the following measures: Student participation, student growth, graduation rate, progress in achieving English language proficiency and a student survey of safety and engagement. Each school will receive an overall score based on performance on the above mentioned measures. Schools also receive a score for each subgroup of students, which include students that are eligible for free or reduced lunch, English learners, students with disabilities or race subgroups. Schools will be identified for comprehensive support & improvement or targeted support & Improvement. Lewis Central Middle School was identified for targeted status for IEP students, specifically IEP student performance in mathematics. All other school are above state average index scores. Math growth, reading growth and EL growth are well above the state averages for all students. All other measures are at or very near state averages.

Discussion Items
7.01 Modified Supplemental Amount for At-Risk/Drop-Out Prevention
Annually, the Board is required to approve the application for the Modified Supplemental Amount for Dropout/Dropout prevention. As you may know, the restrictions on the use of this money and the reporting/application processes have changed considerably beginning this year. The DE has been removed from the approval process and the deadline has been moved from December 15 to January 15. For FY19, our estimated budgets totaled $962,570 of which $531,361 was generated through Modified Supplemental Authority. For FY20 (this application), our estimated budgets total $991,279 of which $243,669 will be generated through Modified Supplemental Authority. (We have carry‐forward amounts of $137,640 for At‐Risk and $201,053 for Dropout that reduce our MSA asking considerably.)

7.02 Board Self-Evaluation Review
Mrs. Scheffel shared the results of the Board Self Evaluation. Areas included Visionary, Student Learning, District Culture, Policy & Legal, Fiscal Responsibility, Advocacy and Board Meeting Structure. Overall score was 441 points out of possible 490.

Comments & Suggestions: None

Action Items
9.01 Modified Supplemental Amount for At-Risk/Drop-Out Prevention
Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Ms. Adkins, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve the budget for the Modified Supplemental Budget Amount for the FY20 At-Risk/Drop-Out Prevention Grant. Discussion: None Carried: 7-0

Information/Future Items
*Regular School Board Meeting – January 21, 2019

With no further business before them, at 7:30 pm Mr. Hendrix motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Stoufer. By voice vote, all were in favor.

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